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Fleming wants our customers to know this important message relating to the products and services we offer in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia:

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Snow & Ice Control – Upfits for All Vehicle Types

Turn to J.W. Fleming Inc. for the perfect snow and ice control attachments for your truck, UTV, ATV, loader/backhoe, municipal vehicle, skid-steer, or tractor. Quality products from Boss transform vehicles into dependable tools to handle snow and ice management. Lead the way with Boss.

Trust Boss to Keep Walkways Safe from Snow and Ice

No Vehicle? No Problem! Trust Boss to help keep your sidewalks, stairs, ramps, and other walkways safe from snow and ice.

Snow Pushers & Shovels

The Boss Snow Pushers (36” or 48”)

The Boss HD Snow Shovels

Contact J.W. Fleming, Inc. for excellence in power sweeping, asphalt maintenance, paving, and truck equipment and services: (814) 696-9696 or toll-free: (888) 833-7569.