Power Street Sweeping that Leaves Others in the Dust!
Street Sweeping is a Healthy Practice for Our Environment

Benefits Include the Removal of Litter, Debris, & Pollutants

The main benefits of street cleaning are removal of debris and litter and preventing pollutants from entering waterways. With our close proximity to the unique ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay, street cleaning is particularly important. Knowing the benefits of keeping irritating pollutants to a minimum is a way to maintain healthy facilities.

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Learn More about the Professional Power Sweepers We Use

At J.W. Fleming, Inc., we offer sweeping equipment built by Schwarze Industries, a world leader in power sweeping equipment. These machines can be used individually or in tandem to meet your specific project needs. Our professional power sweepers get the job done while keeping the litter in the environment under control. Call today to develop the street cleaning program that works for you.

Keep Hazards Under Control with Construction Sweeping

During the beginning, middle, and final phases of a construction project, crews accumulate dirt, dust, and debris on the construction site. The accumulation of loose dirt, stones, and other debris in the surrounding area can become a health and safety problem for surrounding streets and neighborhoods if left unchecked. Maintaining a secure construction site that includes regular construction sweeping keeps these hazards under control.

Time is Money Where Construction is Concerned

J.W. Fleming, Inc. understands that for construction, time is money. We have the industry-leading sweeping equipment, along with professionally trained and experienced staff. We are available at your call to come and clean up your site, day or night, so your job is never interrupted. We are also available to work around your schedule so that we are not wasting our time or your money. Please give us a call today if you have any questions.

Quality Construction Services by J.W. Fleming, Inc.

Our professional construction crews have years of experience providing quality services:

  • Dual engine Schwarze mechanical broom power sweeping units equipped with rear main brooms and dual gutter brooms
  • Scisssor lifts for elevated dumping
  • Large 5.0-yard hopper capacity
  • Experienced staff of trained drivers that work and follow rules and regulations as though they are one of the road construction crew
  • Years of experience working for multiple highway construction companies
  • 24/7 availability

Power Sweeping for Paving & Milling Success

Milling old asphalt and recycling it into new roadway surfaces has taken a quantum leap in the past decade. Nowhere is this more important than in assuring that all remnants of the millings are swept away to ensure paving success. This sweeping step occurs just prior to the installation of the tack coat and the new hot mix asphalt (HMA). Give us a call today if you have any questions.

The Problem if Sweeping is Skipped

If this sweeping step is omitted in an effort to save time or money, the remains quickly deposit back into the newly milled grooves. The fine debris melds in, lowers the coefficient of friction, and prevents the complete bonding between the fresh base, the tack coat, and the new hot mix asphalt. Without that proper bonding, the newly laid asphalt has no opportunity of achieving its maximum predicting longevity.

DOT Sweeping Specifications for Milled Roadways

The specification of every state department of transportation in the United States requires the mechanical sweeping of every foot of roadway that has been milled prior to being resurfaced with hot mix asphalt. Milling old asphalt provides a better base for installing a longer lasting street, road or highway surface and, in recycling it, helps conserve the nation’s vital natural resources.